Colorescience Makeup

I was lucky enough to get sent some new makeup recently, and I wanted to share it with you, as I really, really love it! The brand is called Colorescience, (a brand I have never used before, so I was very excited to try it) and their main goal is to create natural cosmetics (dye, fragrance and alcohol free!) that are simple to apply, but deliver a quality finish, and intense colour. And I must say, they certainly deliver on these promises! I also love the simplicity of the packaging.



Mineral Eye Shadow Palettes in Timeless Neutrals and Royal Purple.


Pressed Mineral Cheek Colore in Soft Rose and Pink Lotus.


Lip Polish in Coral and Blush.


Gel Eyeliner in Black.


Here I am wearing the Royal Purple Eyeshadow Palette, Gel Eyeliner, Pink Lotus Cheek Colore, and Blush Lip Polish. See how I achieved this look on my YouTube channel, here!


Overall, I was very impressed with the pigmentation and creaminess of the eyeshadows, and the blush was extremely pigmented! They both had very good staying power as well, lasting for a good 8+ hours. The lip polish is matte, which I like the look of, but am not too fond of how it feels. But I tend not to like matte lip products, as my lips get very dry. However it was a very pretty colour and was exceptionally long lasting.

Colorescience has some great kits on their website, as well as other products (think setting powder with SPPF!) that would make great Christmas gifts for any beauty lover.

I want to thank Colorescience again for sending these products my way, and I am certain that I will be using them throughout the holiday season!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great day!

Love always,

Megan ♥

DIY Decor: Feather Baubles

Yay, another Christmassy DIY post! Today I am making stylish feather baubles. I love how these look. They are simple, yet unique and elegant. You can use any colour feathers you like, (bright colours would be fun as well!) but I went for a more monochrome look with black and white, and then a pretty pop of colour with a peacock feather. These would make great gifts, or a nice touch added to the top of a wrapped present. Or you can just keep them for yourself, (which is what I am doing!)



  • clear baubles (glass or plastic, I found plastic ones)
  • feathers of your choice
  • glitter in a colour of your choice


Step 1

Open up the bauble.




Step 2

Fill the bauble with feathers.


Step 3

Add some glitter in a complimentary colour, if you like, for some extra sparkle and interest.


Now just close them up, and there you have your feather baubles! Yes, it’s that simple! And look how gorgeous they look hanging on the tree!

IMG_9805 copy


I had lots of fun making these, and I hope you like them as much as I do. Hopefully this post inspired you to get into your Christmas decorating if you haven’t already!

Love always,

Megan ♥