Welcome to Megilee!


My name is Megan, and I would like to welcome you to my little blog here! I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a long time now, but always came up to one problem: what should I write about? I’ve always tried to think of topics that would be the most popular, or that the most people would like to read about. It’s only been recently that I’ve come to the realization that that’s the completely wrong way to go about it. I need to write about something I love, in order to create good, quality content. And therefore, that is what this blog will be. An accumulation of all the things that I love in life. Mostly that will consist of beauty, fashion, baking and DIY’s.

I’ve always been a very creative person, and writing has always been an outlet for that. I remember writing a story about my pet betta fish in kindergarten, and my teacher liked it so much that she laminated it, and put it on the bookshelf with the other books my classmates could read. It was the proudest moment in the whole 5 years of my life so far. I feel that that moment was pivotal in my life. Even though I was young, thinking back on it, it somehow seems like foreshadowing, that I was going to end up doing something writing related with my life. My goal is to have many more moments of intense pride, like back with the fish story.

I hope that you enjoy reading about my life, my experiences, and the things I love. I also sincerely hope that you find some inspiration here, to make your own life more enjoyable, happy and exciting!


Love always,


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