DIY Decor: Melted Snowman Ornament

Hello everyone!

Today I am making these adorable melted snowmen Christmas ornaments! I saw these on Pinterest while browsing one day, and absolutely fell in love. They are so cute! And they are super simple to make, using supplies you probably already have at home! The good thing about this project is that you can improvise with the supplies, (I made the hats from foam, but you could use clay, cardboard, or even source out little tiny plastic top hats!).

I hope you enjoy this tutorial, and that it helps get you into the festive spirit! (Only 10 more days! Eep!)


  • orange foam
  • black foam in two thicknesses (or tiny plastic top hats, but I couldn’t find these, so I made my own!)
  • thin ribbon
  • black seed beads
  • X-acto knife or utility blade
  • aluminum pie plate or other non-stick surface
  • hot glue gun and lots of glue (I used about one stick of glue per snowman)
  • small twigs/leaf stems



Step 1

Assemble the top hats. Cut out two circles of black foam, one larger circle from the thin foam, and one smaller from the thicker foam. Glue the small one in the centre of the bigger one.


Step 2

Draw your melted snowman shape with hot glue. You could always draw your desired shape on the surface before, but I just freehanded it. Then fill in the outline. It should be quite a thick layer of glue.


Step 3

Quickly place the snowman features. Use a toothpick to help get them where you want.


Step 4

Pop them in the freezer for at least 10-20 minutes to set.


Step 5

Glue a ribbon loop to the back for hanging on the tree!


Hang your snowman buddy on the tree!


They also make an adorable addition to Christmas wrapping!

Merry Christmas everybody! Now I think I am going to go an make myself a nice hot chocolate…

Love always,

Megan ♥

DIY Decor: Feather Baubles

Yay, another Christmassy DIY post! Today I am making stylish feather baubles. I love how these look. They are simple, yet unique and elegant. You can use any colour feathers you like, (bright colours would be fun as well!) but I went for a more monochrome look with black and white, and then a pretty pop of colour with a peacock feather. These would make great gifts, or a nice touch added to the top of a wrapped present. Or you can just keep them for yourself, (which is what I am doing!)



  • clear baubles (glass or plastic, I found plastic ones)
  • feathers of your choice
  • glitter in a colour of your choice


Step 1

Open up the bauble.




Step 2

Fill the bauble with feathers.


Step 3

Add some glitter in a complimentary colour, if you like, for some extra sparkle and interest.


Now just close them up, and there you have your feather baubles! Yes, it’s that simple! And look how gorgeous they look hanging on the tree!

IMG_9805 copy


I had lots of fun making these, and I hope you like them as much as I do. Hopefully this post inspired you to get into your Christmas decorating if you haven’t already!

Love always,

Megan ♥

DIY Gifts: Watercolour Mugs

It’s that time of year again. Christmas shopping time! The time where you break the bank buying gifts for all of your friends and loved ones. And let’s be real, there are certain people in your life that are just waaayyyy too hard to buy for. Whether they already have everything, or just seem very hard to please, we’ve all got someone. And once you find the perfect gift, it often ends up being way more than you want to spend. But does it have to be like this?

I don’t think so! In my mind, people who seem hard to please, are likely more appreciative of sentimental or personal gifts, rather than materialistic things. The solution to this? DIY Christmas gifts! There’s just something about homemade gifts. While you are making the gift, you are thinking about who you are giving it to, and every time the giftee sees or uses it, they will think of you. It creates a personal connection. It acts as a physical representation of your relationship with that person. It’s great. I love homemade gifts.

Soooooo, I decided I would post a few tutorials for DIY Christmas gifts! They don’t have to be very complicated, and they are always a ton of fun. (Let alone easier on your wallet!)

Today I am starting with DIY Watercolour Mugs! These are the perfect gift for a mom, grandma, sister, friend, or pretty much anyone who uses mugs! So now I will stop rambling, and get into the tutorial.


  • plain white ceramic mug
  • nail polish in the colour(s) of your choice
  • plastic container (deep enough to dip the mug in)
  • warm water
  • toothpick

Step 1

Gather all your supplies on a clean table. Fill the plastic container about halfway with warm water.


Step 2

Note: These next few steps will have to be done very quickly after another, so make sure you are ready! 

Open your nail polish colour or colours of choice, and pour a small amount onto the surface of the water. The polish should float at the top.


Step 3

Take your toothpick, and swirl it around in the polish, to create a marbling/watercolour effect.


Step 4

Dip the bottom half of the mug into the polish, and swirl the mug slightly, to create an interesting design. Be careful not to get polish near the brim, where you will drink from! No one wants to drink nail polish.. Gross!


Step 5

Place the mug upside down to dry. It didn’t really drip, but I placed it on a piece of paper towel, just in case.

Leave the mug to dry for at least 2 hours.


Voila! You now have a beautiful watercolour mug! My favourite part about these is that they are all unique. No two will ever be exactly alike, and there are so many possibilities! It’s a bit of a surprise when you pull the mug out, to see what it will look like!

Note: The mug is NOT  microwave or dishwasher safe! Be sure to gently hand wash the mug, to make sure the colour doesn’t come off! 


IMG_9690 copy

I had a lot of fun making these mugs, and I’m so happy with how they turned out! Each one is a unique piece of art, and I love the watercolour effect. I think I may have to go out and buy more mugs (and other ceramic items) to make one in every colour!

I hope you have fun making these mugs! What colours do you want to try?


Love always,

Megan ♥